Monday, December 09, 2013

We are getting so excited! I just got back from the Iditarod Rookie Meeting in Anchorage.  Its been an interesting weekend full of great information and catching up with and making new mushing friends. Plus the reality is setting in.....
The Cosmic Canines are running the Iditarod!!!


  1. Heather Fetters12:19 PM

    So excited for you & the Cosmic Canines Abbie!

  2. I'm a 5th grade teacher in Oklahoma and I teach a unit on the Iditarod each year. I was printing off the musher list and noticed you were born in Oklahoma. Although you do not live here I just wanted to tell you my students were soooooooo excited to know they have something in common with one of the mushers. Good Luck in the race from 108 fifth graders from Oklahoma! We will be tracking your progress!
    Mrs. Bolte's Class!

  3. Cathy7:36 AM

    Go Abbie! I'm rooting for you for first rookie in -- way to go!

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