Thursday, August 04, 2005

A day in the life

A day in the life here at Cosmic Canine Kennels.

Wake up 5:30am, make lunch for my finance Ren. Read and listen to NPR until 7:00am, when I go out and get the dogs ready to run. Feed the puppies, let out the Pits (Mattie and Torrent) and Cosmos the Jack Russell Terrier, and feed them. Go on a run with the sled dogs, they pull my 4 wheeler, they just started on Aug 1 so they only go 2 miles right now , 8 dogs at a time, every other day. Feed the sled dogs, clean up all the dog crap. Water the dogs. Water the Garden. Go inside and check my email, clean the house, take the puppies for a walk with one of the house dogs. Go for a bike ride or 4 wheeler ride and play in the woods. Pick blueberries, explore wildflowers, talk to animals or the wind, or the sky. Exalt life from the top of a mountian. Write in my journal. Go to town, only when I have to. Wait impatiently for my finance Ren to come home. Bake cookies or a pie with the berries I picked or rhubarb from the garden. Make dinner lately its been 1001 creative zucchini recipes due to the fact that I planted 9 zucchini plants this year. Don't laugh its my first garden ever. Next year I'll plant 4. Or sometimes I go to work at Two Rivers Lodge where I am a bartender some nights, a waitress others. Spend time with Ren. Watch a movie or play a game. Make love to Ren. Say my prayers of thanks to the Universe for such a beautiful life, go to sleep about 1:00am. Dream about the future.
Abbie 2