Monday, July 29, 2013

Now is the time to be a part of Team Cosmic!

So... at the end of the week is the first day to sign-up for the 2014 Yukon Quest. Every year we have managed to be at this fun event, last year we were even first to be at the Fairbanks sign-up party! It is a great way to say, "YES! We're ready!", its good promotion for the Quest, and there's always that incentive of winning the drawing to get your entry fee back.

The Cosmic Canines will definitely be entering the 2014 Yukon Quest, however, summer is short (thank God!) and the projects list is long, so I don't know if we will be able to be there. There are a lot of time-sensitive things that need to be done around here, and I need to invest the money we have now in them. As much as I want to just blow them off and jump right in, I also really want things like.... indoor plumbing. You know little things that make life easier 
so I can spend more time with the dogs!

But I was thinking......what a great opportunity for someone to join the Team Cosmic! I can promise everyone that this going to be an exciting and awesome year for us. I began rebuilding the Team 3 years ago and this is the beginning of the culmination of that vision. This is the year to be a part of our adventure, this is when it starts getting good.

An Entry Fee Sponsor would be a Major asset to our Kennel.
So in return we want to offer a special "thank you" for this lucky supporter. It would include a seat at our table at the Yukon Quest Start Banquet, my official sled bib, and a Spring Adventure for you to take with the Cosmic Canines. The adventure would be custom designed for you. 
You could also come on down town on Saturday and be a part of the festivites! 

Let's kick the season off right!