Sunday, May 07, 2006


I took the younger half of my dogs to get their rabies shots today. It was also good practice for some of the newbies to take their first ride in the truck. Everybody did pretty good except Titan, who also had a collar on for the first time today, he wasn't about to be chained into the dog box, so he rode up in the cab with Cosmos, the Jack Russell. Which was good practice for Cosmos because he has hardly had to share "his" space in the front of the truck before and on the way to Juneau he is going to have to ride with Telesto, Leo and Saturn. He also did well.
So I want riding in the truck to be associated with going to do something fun, not going to the feed store parking lot to sit for 10 minutes and be stuck with a needle. So I took the whole crew to the city dog park. What fun! I had 10 dogs in the park. It was great to see all the different interactions of the yearlings. Cosmos of course stole the stage and had everyone at his will and beckon to throw sticks and balls for him. 2 of the "Solstice Litter" , Eclipse and Corona were freaked out by the other dogs a little, which I thought was strange because they are around other dogs all the time. So they formed an alliance and hung out back in the corner where they city stores the Golden Days Jails. ( Fairbanks has a week long festival called Golden Days, which celebrates the Gold Rush. During that week you can be arrested and placed in one of these "jails on wheels" if you are not wearing a garter or a Golden Days button. It is a fundraiser in that your "friends" can have you arrested, and you have to bail yourself out for a small price.) They were friendly towards any of the Cosmic Canines and one puppy, but otherwise were anti-social. Everyone else had a great time with all of the other dogs. Alcor, Solstice, and especially Zenith were super friendly with the people there too. Zenith latched on to this one woman for some reason and followed her everywhere. The dogs were so happy. It was nice to watch in a full out and out run. I think it is so beautiful to watch dogs run and weave. The girls were very agile. They are going to be super athletes. An Alcor looked pretty good too. Titan was a little lumbering, but he is only 5 months old. He is still figuring out how to work his legs. I still think he is more wheel dog material than lead dog though. He is going to be huge.
The whole day was great for the dogs for mentally and physically. I know they are getting bored, I've been so busy getting things together the dogs have been just sitting in the yard. It was great socializtion for them. They do great with other dogs, though it was very evident that there is a definite sense of "team" within in my dogs. Which is what I have been striving for. I have to remember to donate to the Fairbanks Dog Park. Its a great space.

Cinco De Mayo Bonfire

Took a break to go hang with the Two Rivers crew. Susan and Jason are clearing their land and had a bonfire to celebrate. It just happened to be Cinco De Mayo however there were no Dos Equis or Coronas being drank. Jose Cuervo did show up later, much to my dismay the next morning! Ouch! I did speak Spanish with the infamous Kris Krestensen for a while, but we both remembered the last time we spoke Spanish we were at Aily Zirkle's musher party last summer. We were talking to some guy that rented from Judy Cooper, who ended up murdering his girlfriend with an axe 2 weeks later. Yikes! I read the police blotter on El Seis de Mayo and much to my relief there were no murders.

Hey what do you call 4 Mexicans in quicksand?
Cuatro "sink-os" (cincos)
Ha ha!

Nice to hang with most of the attendees of the White Car Party* one last time before I head south. Gonna miss these guys.

* White Car Party: A rare occurrence one summer night 2005. There was a party and completely unplanned every single car/truck/van driven there was white....there was about 10 or more cars, all white. Coincidence? Strange but true!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I am living Kafka's "the Castle" again

And now in ring three is the Astronomically Awesome Abbie!!!! She will gracefully jump through every bureaucratic hoop with grace and splendor!!!!!

Too much paperwork!!!! The Canadian government needs one year's salary, a 5000 word essay about my life, a pint of blood, my first born, and a kidney just so I can get through the border!! I'm not even staying there!!! Don't put the coffee on, just passing through. Well at least until I find that hot Canadian Musher I can marry and get my citizenship. Ha! I heard that wouldn't even be enough to become Canadian.
Its a point system, points are as follows if you are American:
  • 1 point if marry a Canadian
  • 1 point for every child you bear on Canadian Soil that ends up playing Professional Hockey
  • 1 point for every $10,000 dollars you make weekly.
  • 1 point for each doctorate you have obtained
  • 1 point if you speak French

You need a total of 100 points to earn your citizenship. But you get minus 50 points if you have ever even looked at a handgun.

I don't mean to bash the Canadian Government, I would still move there in a heartbeat. But what do they have against American musher girls anyways?

It will all be worth it though when I am working with my dogs and getting paid for it in beautiful Juneau! Can't wait to leave Fairbanks. This town is way to big for this girl! I am getting so excited. I am halfway done packing. I almost have all of my paper work done. My truck is fixed and even has an exhaust stack on it so it doesn't suffocate the dogs. THANKS TO LONNIE BEACHY!! The nicest guy, who did all the work on my truck and won't even let me pay him. I had to threaten him to even let me buy him dinner and a beer the other night at work!

I cannot wait to quit my stupid job at Los Amigos. I have had enough of the owner. "I ain't gonna work on Randy's farm no more!" Saturday is my last day.

Friday is my last day a the Quest. I am trying to get everything set up to make it easy for the new help.

So many logistics, but totally worth it.